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Mama Bird® AM/PM Prenatal Multi+

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Mama Bird® Prenatal Multi+

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Mama Bird® Prenatal DHA

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test your vitamins and supplements?
Our standard testing regimen for our vitamins and supplements includes:

  • Nutrient-content tests for identification, potency, and purity
  • Microbiology tests for total aerobic counts, yeasts, molds, and more
  • Heavy metals tests that are sensitive to even very low concentrations
  • Gluten tests that double verifies that our products are gluten-free
  • Disintegration tests to ensure the ingredients are properly released
  • Pesticide tests on all botanical ingredients for the presence of pesticides

All of these tests are conducted by reputable, certified third-party labs using industry-standard limits of detection (LODs) and limits of quantification (LOQs).
Are Best Nest Wellness vitamins and supplements organic?
Every ingredient is chosen because it truly is the best that Best Nest Wellness can find. Each formula is crafted to make sure those ingredients have a purpose and a benefit. That means sometimes the best choice may not be organic. For instance, L-methylfolate, a finished folate, is only created by a human body from plants or created in a lab. It cannot be obtained directly from plants. We use organic ingredients whenever possible and always use it for our wellness and herbal blends.
What are the benefits of methylated vitamins?
Proper methylation compensates for the DNA variations you were born with. It is one of the tools you have to change your genetic destiny. Optimal methylation can lead to: healthy neuro-development, impressive memory, happy mood, sharp focus, restful sleep, boundless energy, and boosted immunity.
Why is the Best Nest Multi+ for Kids a liquid and not a chewable?
We learned firsthand with our kids as our official taste-testers that chewables are chalky and many gummies contain too much sugar. An easy-to-take liquid was the best way for us to create a great tasting kid’s multi that is packed with trace minerals, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes, is flavoured naturally using fruit extracts, and contains zero sugar alcohols.
What are the benefits of probiotics?
Probiotics support the care of your gut – “second brain” – with health-boosting functions, including:

  • Helping to make serotonin
  • Helping to promote better digestion
  • Supporting a healthy gut-brain connection
  • Supporting healthy regularity
  • Supporting immunity

In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found that oral administration of Lactobacillus plantarum daily for 6 weeks significantly decreased both markers of oxidative stress (37% reduction) and inflammation (42% decrease) in healthy men and women.
What are the benefits of Vitamin D3?
Vitamin D is called the “sunshine vitamin” because it’s produced in your skin in response to sunlight. It boosts mood and supports the immune system.
How do Best Nest Wellness supplements optimize brain function?
You can find methylated vitamins in our entire multivitamin line. Optimal methylation can lead to:

  • Healthy neuro-development
  • Impressive memory
  • Happy mood
  • Sharp focus
  • Restful sleep

  • We offer probiotics for each lifestage. A growing body of evidence has shown two-way signaling between the gut and the brain. This includes multiple neuro- and endocrine-signal mechanisms. Changes to the gut microbiome affect brain health.

    We offer DHA for each lifestage. DHA helps make new brain cells. DHA makes up over 90% of the omega-3 fatty acids in your brain. It regulates brain cell formation, the growth of neurons, and their connections.