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“When life throws you a curve ball - it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.”

When is the last time that everything in your life went 100% as planned? 

If I had to take a guess – I’d be willing to bet it’s easier to think of more times when things didn’t go according to plan than when they did. 

Because the truth is, no matter how hard we try – no matter how much we plan –  there are things that are just simply out of our control.  Things, that despite our best efforts, just don’t pan out the way we expected. 

And we’re left with two choices: to let it consume you – or let it motivate you.

“I have unexpected news..."

Those four words changed my life – and ultimately started a new story for our family.

On December 23, 2013– just minutes after he was born –  I found out my beautiful baby boy, Ajax, had Down Syndrome.

I was stunned.

I was overwhelmed. 

And I had so many questions…