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Our Story

“When life throws you a curve ball - it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.”

When is the last time that everything in your life went 100% as planned? 

If I had to take a guess – I’d be willing to bet it’s easier to think of more times when things didn’t go according to plan than when they did. 

Because the truth is, no matter how hard we try – no matter how much we plan –  there are things that are just simply out of our control.  Things, that despite our best efforts, just don’t pan out the way we expected. 

And we’re left with two choices: to let it consume you – or let it motivate you.

“I have unexpected news..."

Those four words changed my life – and ultimately started a new story for our family.

On December 23, 2013– just minutes after he was born –  I found out my beautiful baby boy, Ajax, had Down Syndrome.

I was stunned.

I was overwhelmed. 

And I had so many questions…

  • Did I mess up?

    Now, as a brain doctor – I knew the facts. I knew his diagnosis was a result of an extra chromosome. I knew his condition was a result of a genetic variation. And I knew I couldn’t have prevented this from happening. 

    So, why did I feel like I did something wrong?

    I felt a tremendous amount of guilt. I remembered everything I didn’t do while I was pregnant with him. 

    I didn’t eat as healthy as I should have and that really bothered me. As a neurologist, I know that a healthy brain is at the core of a healthy body.  And for a stronger brain, you need a solid foundation of nutrients to feed it. 

    But, life was hectic – my daughter was a toddler at the time. Keeping up with the demands of work and home life was hard. 

    I remembered how I couldn’t find the right prenatal formula to support my pregnancy. And although I searched high and low –  and tried many different brands –  I couldn’t find a formula that contained the high-quality nutrients –  at the right dosages – for healthy fetal development. 

    Not to mention all the times I skipped taking my prenatal vitamins because they made me sick to my stomach! Trying to choke down 6 horse pills a day made me nauseous.  I just couldn’t do it. 

    Did all of this affect my son? 

    I sure felt like it did.  

    These are some of the things I fixated on while coming to terms with the fact that I now had a brain-injured child. But I didn’t allow my feelings to  consume me for too long.  Because one thing was for sure – from the minute I laid eyes on him, I was absolutely head over heels for my little boy. 

    And I knew that no matter what, I was going to do my best to give Ajax everything that I could to help him reach his full potential and enjoy a happy, healthy life – for his entire life.

I chose to let this curveball life threw my way motivate me to make some BIG changes…

I knew there was more that I could do to help Ajax – and my entire family – to have stronger brain and body health. 

And I realized that no matter how healthy our diet was, we couldn’t rely on nutrients from food alone to give our bodies everything needed for optimal health. We needed a better foundation of nutrients to boost brain health and balance the body. 

So, I decided to take my knowledge as a brain doctor – and my passion for natural health – and use it to formulate advanced neuro-nutritional formulas focused on whole-brain, whole-body wellness for every member of the family at each life stage.

That’s how Best Nest Wellness came to life.

After countless hours of research we launched Mama Bird Prenatal, our very first brain-driven prenatal supplement crafted with high-quality methylated vitamins and nutrients mama + baby need for a healthy pregnancy.

Formulated using the most advanced brain nutrition available, it was the supplement I wish I had when I was pregnant with my son. 

And I gotta tell you, what happened next blew us away…

Within just a matter of days  our entire product stock completely SOLD OUT. And our high-quality brain-driven supplements have been flying off the shelves ever since.

My son’s diagnosis turned out to be one of the most empowering events in my entire life.

It strengthened my commitment to my family. And it spurred me to action.

I made it my personal mission to help other families and empower moms around the world to give your baby, your children, your partner – and most of all YOURSELF – the very best nutrients for happier brains, and stronger bodies during all phases and stages of life.  

Because a happier, healthier, more satisfying life starts with better brain health.

Right now, my filing cabinet is overflowing with letters of appreciation– from moms who are thrilled and amazed at the results they’ve experienced from taking our best-in-class brain-driven supplements every day.

Each time I read them, it’s a reminder that we hit life’s curveball right out of the park:)

Madhavi Gupta, MD's Handwritten Signature

High-quality brain-driven formulas crafted by a neurologist (and mom)
She takes care of your brain. She’s a mom. She’s an expert. Dr. Madhavi Gupta, MD – also known as Dr. Brain Mom – creates vitamins for your whole nest to support neuro-development, turbocharge immunity, boost energy, reduce stress, improve sleep and more. 

We put the heart in our brain supplements
At Best Nest Wellness, we put our heart and soul into brain supporting vitamins for every life stage.  We created this company because we needed high-quality supplements for our own growing nest. If we wouldn’t take it – or give it to our families – you shouldn’t either.

More than 3x the brain-supporting nutrients than ordinary vitamins
We carefully combine methylated nutrient blends to give your brain and body the nourishment it needs for optimal health. These ingredients are hand-selected and 3rd party tested by top testing labs for safety, potency, and purity.  See the difference for yourself

We give back 
Our mission is to create the highest quality, science-backed, methylated supplements – and make them available to as many people as possible. That’s why last year alone, Best Nest Wellness donated over $1.2 million of prenatal vitamins to charity – to support mama + baby health.

We’re here to help you soar.