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Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ Iodine & Iron Free


Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ Iodine & Iron Free

Supplement Facts

Methylated prenatal multivitamin for your baby’s healthy neurodevelopment without iodine & iron

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  • Plant-Based
  • A bowl with vegan options Non-GMO
  • A shining and healthy heart Gluten-Free
  • GMP Facility Made


  • The only neurologist-mom crafted prenatal multi without iron & iodine
  • Active methylated vitamins for baby’s neurodevelopment
  • For women sensitive to iron or with thyroid issues
  • Organic herbs + probiotics + enzymes help digestion
  • Easy to remember once-daily formula


Should I take prenatal vitamins without iron?

Iron can cause digestive issues, nausea, or other gastrointestinal discomforts for some mamas. You may want to consider a prenatal multivitamin without iron if you’re sensitive to iron. Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ Iodine & Iron free contains no iron and is gentle on the stomach.

Should I take prenatal vitamins without iodine?

If you have thyroid issues that require you to limit your intake of iodine, you may want to consider taking a prenatal vitamin without iodine. Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ Iodine & Iron free contains no iodine and is gentle on the stomach.

Why doesn't Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ have DHA in it?

Most prenatal vitamins that include DHA don't come from the best source or have the right amount for healthy brain development. They often use synthetic ethyl esters because they can be compressed, but ethyl esters break down into alcohol, exposing your baby to unwanted substances.

To provide expectant moms with the right amount and type of DHA to support brain health, we needed to make a separate, easy-to-swallow, soft-gel capsule. Mama Bird Prenatal DHA is made from superior triglyceride oil, and Mama Bird Vegan DHA is available for our vegan mamas and is made from pure algae oil.

What is the difference between folinic acid (folinate) and folic acid?

Folinic acid is a non-methylated form of folate that can be easily converted to active forms within the body. Folinic acid may be easier for individuals who are sensitive to methylated nutrients to tolerate than supplemental L-methylfolate. Folic acid, on the other hand, is the synthetic form of folate and is not easily converted in the body. 


Integrity in all we do:

Our mission is to inspire families to reach their best brain health and highest potential. It’s in who we are, the partners we choose, what we make, and the benefits you feel. We will always deliver what matters—safety, quality, security, sustainability, and confidence. This is our promise to you.


What’s on the label is what’s in your bottle:

That means all of our products are meticulously created, tested multiple times, and held to strict standards. If they don’t meet these requirements, they don’t make it to your home.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Your growing nest deserves the best

Why does this formula contain no iron or iodine?

At Best Nest, we know that pregnancy isn’t one size fits all. So, your prenatal multivitamin shouldn’t be either. 

Your pregnancy is just as personal and unique as your growing baby. Some mamas experience sickness, some don’t. Some mamas experience side-effects of taking iron, whereas others don’t. And for some, taking iodine can lead to or worsen thyroid issues. 

That’s why we’ve included an iodine-free and iron-free prenatal vitamin in our #1 customer-rated Mama Bird product line. It’s neurologist-mom crafted specifically for mamas who are sensitive to iron or have thyroid needs that require them to limit iodine intake.

Each serving contains over 30 brain-boosting nutrients + active methylated vitamins to support healthy neuro-development, energy production, memory and brain processing speed.  

Our exclusive iodine & iron-free formula is easy to take – and gentle on the stomach – whether you’re planning, trying, or pregnant.

Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ Iodine & Iron Free
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At Best Nest,
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Compared to the leading store brand multivitamin as per Nielsen data.