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The brain has different nutritional needs in each lifestage

A healthy life begins before birth. And, as we grow, our needs change. We develop products for both children and their parents to support healthy minds and immunity in each stage of their lives.

When you are pregnant, your baby’s brain and body have certain nutritional demands that are different than yours. As your baby grows and develops, different parts of their brain and body rely on specific nutrients to reach their full potential. 

Each of our formulas has been thoughtfully made for the specific needs of each lifestage. 

You can change your genetic destiny through your choices

Our products optimize your brain health so you function at your best.
This comes to life in multiple ways. For example:

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Methylated vitamins: methylation is required for life

Methylation is the production of methyl groups that your brain and body need for a vibrantly healthy life. It is the “central control dial of life.” Methyl groups turn your brain and body systems on and off and help them function properly. All our products have methylated vitamins.

Learn about the benefits of proper methylation

Simple Illustration of the Human Gut

Probiotics: the gut-brain connection

Inside your gut is what scientists call your enteric nervous system—your second brain! Your intestinal microbiome is a collection of microorganisms that live in your gut and do an enormous amount of work to keep you healthy.

A growing body of evidence has shown two-way signaling between the gut and the brain. This includes multiple neuro- and endocrine-signal mechanisms. Changes to the gut microbiome affect brain health.

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DHA: helps make new brain cells

DHA makes up over 90% of the omega-3 fatty acids in your brain. It regulates brain cell formation, the growth of neurons, and their connections.

The best ingredients make the best vitamins

We rigorously study clinical research and recommendations. This ensures that all of our ingredients and formulations are cutting-edge. By being aware of and educated about the latest scientific breakthroughs, we are able to craft the most advanced vitamins.

Get to know our essential brain-supporting nutrients.

Not sure which vitamins are best for your lifestage?

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