Tips for storing vitamins 

Where and how you store your vitamins can affect their efficacy because they are sensitive to light, heat, and moisture. Here are some helpful tips on how to store them when they arrive:

  • They’ll do best in their original packaging, closed tightly. We chose this packaging to protect your vitamins from being exposed to sunlight or humidity and the caps are child resistant. Be sure to keep the desiccant in the bottle to help with moisture control.

  • Find a place that coincides with how you start your day. Near your coffee maker may be a good option. Keeping them  in your bedroom is an excellent choice as it also may provide privacy and has good temperature and humidity control.  Choose a place that’s dry and cool. Do not put them in the freezer because the extreme temperature is not good for them.

  • Skip the bathroom medicine cabinet. The humidity in a bathroom can alter the chemical makeup of certain supplements and lessen their beneficial properties.

  • Avoid the kitchen counter. The heat from your stove or dishwasher can create a reaction that can decrease their potency.

  • As far as long-term storage, be aware of their expiration date. Vitamins generally shouldn’t be taken beyond that day as their potency may be decreased.

  • Keep them out of reach from children or pets.


Tips for taking vitamins 

Vitamins can help support your energy, mood memory, sleep, and even support your immune system. But, if you don’t take them, they can’t help you feel and perform at your best. Here are some ways to remember to take your vitamins each day: 

  • Through behavior science, we know that if we tie a new activity to an existing essential routine, we are more likely to remember to do it. If you have coffee each morning, place your vitamins near the coffee maker. If you read a book each night before bed, place them beside it. 

  • Pair them with meal times. Get in the habit of taking your supplements with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It will become part of your and your family’s daily routine.

  • Keep your vitamin-taking routine consistent by setting a daily alarm. By taking your vitamins at the same time every day, it will become one of your healthy habits.

  • You can take some vitamins on an empty stomach. It is going to depend on the ingredients, your body, and how you feel after you take them. Best Nest Wellness multivitamins can be taken on an empty stomach if you wish since they contain probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a whole food blend. 

  • With multivitamins, deciding when to take them is a bit complicated because our bodies process different nutrients in different ways, and a multivitamin has a lot of nutrients.  The easy answer: the best time to take vitamins is the time that fits your life. That said, here are a few specific tips:

    • Some experts suggest that taking vitamin D supplements at night—when melatonin levels naturally rise—may negatively impact sleep quality because our innate production of vitamin D is stimulated by sunlight.

    • Vitamin B12, known for supporting energy metabolism, can have a stimulating effect that may affect sleep. All of our multivitamins contain methylated vitamins, including vitamin B12, which may be better tolerated earlier in the day.

We want you to experience the benefits that Best Nest Wellness vitamins provide.