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Prenatal Bundle + Probiotics


Prenatal Bundle + Probiotics

Advanced prenatal nutrition with active methylated vitamins, DHA, and probiotics to support mama + baby’s growing needs at every stage of pregnancy.

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  • A bowl with vegan options Non-GMO
  • A shining and healthy heart Gluten-Free
  • Active Brain Support
  • GMP Facility Made


  • 3x MORE brain-supporting nutrients than other vitamins✝ 
  • Active methylated vitamins for baby’s neurodevelopment 
  • Gut-brain axis support during pregnancy and postpartum
  • 500mg of DHA supports brain, spinal cord & eye development
  • Organic herbs + probiotics + enzymes help digestion


Why doesn't Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ have DHA in it?

Most prenatal vitamins that include DHA don't come from the best source or have the right amount for healthy brain development. They often use synthetic ethyl esters because they can be compressed, but ethyl esters break down into alcohol, exposing your baby to unwanted substances.

To provide expectant moms with the right amount and type of DHA to support brain health, we needed to make a separate, easy-to-swallow, soft-gel capsule. Mama Bird Prenatal DHA is made from superior triglyceride oil, and Mama Bird Vegan DHA is available for our vegan mamas and is made from pure algae oil.

Where is your DHA processed?

Our DHA is sustainably sourced and processed in Iceland, a country surrounded by clean water filled with cold water fish. We use expert processing with rigorous quality systems and control to enable the manufacturing of Mama Bird Prenatal DHA, that is second to none in quality.

What is the difference between folinic acid (folinate) and folic acid?

Folinic acid is a non-methylated form of folate that can be easily converted to active forms within the body. Folinic acid may be easier for individuals who are sensitive to methylated nutrients to tolerate than supplemental L-methylfolate. Folic acid, on the other hand, is the synthetic form of folate and is not easily converted in the body. 

When is the best time to take Mama Bird Probiotics?

The best time to take Mama Bird Probiotics is 30-45 minutes before eating a meal or at night, about 2 hours after eating your last meal. During these times, stomach acids, digestive enzymes, and bile salts are at their lowest levels.

Do Mama Bird Probiotics need to be refrigerated?

We recommend storing Mama Bird Probiotics in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet or pantry. We suggest refrigeration if your probiotics will not be used for a long time.

What nutrients are important during preconception, conception, and pregnancy?

Whether you’re planning, trying to conceive, or are currently pregnant, your brain and body require a lot more than just a few nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy, including: methylfolate (vitamin B9), methylcobalamin (B12), and pyridoxal-5-phosphate (B6), DHA, choline, vitamin D3, iron, zinc, vitamin A, and probiotics. Each ingredient in Mama Bird Prenatal line has been hand-selected and combined to support your baby’s neurodevelopment and brain health, and your memory, attention, energy, and sleep.


Integrity in all we do:

Our mission is to inspire families to reach their best brain health and highest potential. It’s in who we are, the partners we choose, what we make, and the benefits you feel. We will always deliver what matters—safety, quality, security, sustainability, and confidence. This is our promise to you.


What’s on the label is what’s in your bottle:

That means all of our products are meticulously created, tested multiple times, and held to strict standards. If they don’t meet these requirements, they don’t make it to your home.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Three neurologist-crafted products to nourish mama + baby during each phase of pregnancy

Our prenatal bundle, consisting of Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+, Prenatal DHA, and Probiotics, is a comprehensive suite of products expertly formulated to support your nutritional needs. Together, these products work in harmony to ensure you receive the recommended daily values of essential nutrients, tailored specifically for your health and well-being, plus gut-brain axis during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding.

Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ is the only prenatal multivitamin – with over 30 brain-essential nutrients – formulated by a neurologist-mom. It’s crafted with active methylated vitamins –  including methylfolate (for baby’s healthy neural tube development), methylcobalamin (for brain + nervous system development), and pyridoxal-5-phosphate B6 (for baby’s brain + immune system).

Mama Bird Prenatal DHA is neurologist-mom crafted with a full 500mg of high-quality DHA. That’s more than DOUBLE the amount recommended by the American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the March of Dimes. So, with each serving, there’s plenty of DHA to support your baby’s neurodevelopment and nourish your mind and mood throughout pregnancy and recovery.

Our Mama Bird Probiotics bring you powerful gut-brain support during all stages of motherhood. Each serving is neurologist-mom crafted with over 50 billion CFU – from 15 different specific probiotic strains – to nourish your gut, brain, and growing baby during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding. With each mini easy-to-swallow capsule of Mama Bird Probiotics, your gut will thank you for better digestion, and your brain will thank you for a balanced mind and mood. 

Together, these products offer a comprehensive nutritional solution. So, you can rest easy, knowing you’re getting the best nutrients for your baby’s development in the womb and ensure cognitive wellness throughout childhood.

Prenatal Bundle + Probiotics

Smart Nutrition for a Growing Brain & Body

  • A bowl with vegan options


  • A shining and healthy heart


  • Prenatal Bundle + Probiotics

    Active Brain Support

  • Prenatal Bundle + Probiotics

    GMP Facility Made

Exceptional Nutrients, No Exceptions

  • Prenatal Bundle + Probiotics


    Supports a baby’s healthy neural tube development. It also can influence mood, sleep, and memory for both children and parents.

  • Prenatal Bundle + Probiotics

    Folinate (Folinic Acid)

    Supports baby’s healthy neural tube development. Folinate converts to methylfolate as you need it. It also can influence mood, sleep, memory, and more for both children and parents.

  • Prenatal Bundle + Probiotics

    B12 (Methylcobalamin)

    In pregnancy, this vital vitamin is important for brain and central nervous system development. During adulthood, it is needed to make serotonin, the feel-good hormone.

  • Prenatal Bundle + Probiotics


    Supplies oxygen to the body and the brain by attaching to red blood cells. Helps red blood cell production, energy, and attention span.

  • Prenatal Bundle + Probiotics

    Omega-3 (From Fish Oil)

    Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to a healthy memory, brain function, cellular and cardiovascular health, immune function, and many more of the body’s processes.

  • Prenatal Bundle + Probiotics


    DHA makes up over 90% of the omega-3 fatty acids in your brain. It regulates neurogenesis (the formation of new brain cells called neurons), neurotrophic factor (the growth of neurons), and synaptogenesis (the formation of connections between neurons). Plus, it is also required for the maintenance of normal brain function in adults.

  • Prenatal Bundle + Probiotics

    50 billion+ CFU Proprietary Probiotic Blend

    Includes 50 billion+ CFUs with multi-strain benefits of 15 different probiotic strains to support a healthy gut-brain connection, immune system, brain health, and digestion during all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Each serving contains powerful, researched-backed probiotic strains including: Lactobacillus paracasei (LC86), Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LRa05), Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LRa05), Lactobacillus salivarius (LS97) and more.

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Compared to the leading store brand multivitamin as per Nielsen data.