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Food & Nutrition Checklist for Pregnancy & Preconception

Good nutrition is more important than ever when you’re pregnant or trying to conceive.

Download this handy checklist of foods to eat during preconception and pregnancy and what to avoid when you’re expecting.

The brain has different needs in each lifestage

A healthy brain begins before birth. And, as we grow, our needs change. Supporting brain development in each stage of life impacts the next stage significantly. Best Nest Wellness provides essential brain nutrients at the right times for both children and their parents to reach their full potential. 

"While I was pregnant with our son, I searched for a prenatal vitamin that met my exacting standards. But there wasn’t one. 

I am a neurologist, so I'm keenly interested in all things brain-related.

I discovered that prenatal vitamins don’t put enough attention on supporting a growing baby’s brain development and function. Even more troubling, most don’t include methylated vitamins — the kind required for your body to work at its best.

So, in the tradition of many innovative companies, I started Best Nest Wellness — to create for you what I wish I’d had for myself. I want you to have the happiest, healthiest baby you can! That’s why I'm also dedicated to giving you solid, doctor-informed advice to help you navigate the complicated maze of pregnancy."

- Dr. Madhavi Gupta, MD