Chiropractors are trained to work with women while pregnant and even when trying to conceive. If you’re pregnant, chiropractic care can assist with reducing discomfort during all trimesters of the pregnancy, improve your spinal alignment as the baby grows, prepare the baby’s positioning for labor, and improve the progress of the birth process.


How does a chiropractor help during pregnancy?

Chiropractic during pregnancy allows the baby to have more room in the uterus during all stages of pregnancy. It helps moms stay more comfortable if the baby is in a neutral position instead of off to one side. If the baby is always on one side or the other it throws the mom's pelvis out of alignment, which can cause pain and discomfort.

How often can a pregnant woman safely see a chiropractor?

The frequency depends on a few things. If there is frequent pain, I see the client a couple of times a week until the pain decreases. If she is feeling great, once every two weeks is fine through the second trimester to maintain good pelvis alignment so the baby can be in a good position.

Women who are pregnant don’t always think about their body positions during the day. Are they constantly sitting on the left side of their chair? Are they always answering the phone in a certain way? Do they sit in such a way that narrows the pelvis and the baby is forced to one side?

And of course, if she has a toddler, it’s likely that she picks them up and balances them on the same hip. All of these things knock the pelvis out of neutral alignment.

And in the third trimester, I’ll see women once a week as the body is shifting more rapidly and the baby's getting bigger, which puts more pressure on her pelvis.


Can chiropractic help with natural birth?

A lot of moms come into my office telling me they want to have a natural childbirth. Chiropractic is very supportive in helping them achieve that goal. However, the earlier the care starts the better.

I want the mom to be as comfortable as possible and also get her pelvis in a neutral position so that the baby can get head down for a faster, safer and easier birth.

Women come to me with a desire to have a natural childbirth. Prenatal chiropractic care supports the spine, pelvis and central nervous system, which all play a significant role in labor and delivery (read more on managing stress and neurological health of baby and mom LINK). 


How soon can a mom go to the chiropractor after giving birth

Many moms wonder if it’s okay for the baby (and themselves) to get postnatal alignment. Yes, some moms even see me within a week of giving birth. It’s a good time to get adjusted, and I can examine the baby at the same time.

I typically also review how best to carry the baby. I see so many women who are carrying their newborns and early-stage infants incorrectly – facing out in a cloth wrap around carrier. This can cause spinal alignment problems, which affects digestion, sleep, and general wellness because it puts too much pressure on the baby’s developing back muscles.