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  • Gain confidence and clarity about your birth choices so no one else controls your birth, your body, and your baby
  • Manage and eliminate pain during childbirth
  • Have more restful sleep during pregnancy
  • Reduce your birthing and recovery time
  • Make your fear and anxiety about pregnancy and childbirth disappear
  • Maximize your baby's safety and health
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  • How and why guided imagery, hypnobirthing, and meditation work.
  • Why anxiety about birth has raised C-section rates and how you can avoid it.
  • The most effective natural methods to increase comfort during pregnancy and birth.
  • Our absolute best technique to eliminate pain during childbirth using natural anesthesia (no epidural needed).
  • Motivation secrets for a positive birth and lifelong health.

"I enjoyed the series! I got the emails and wanted to thank you for highlighting hypnobirthing.  More people need to know how wonderful it can be."  -Dana

If we can transform womankind’s experience of pain in birth, fear would no longer be the primary motivator of our collective birth choices and we could finally create a culture of trusting birth and gently bringing our babes into the world!!
Thanks for doing this!!"   -
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