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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of sleep?
Getting good sleep is important for your mood and health. The benefits of sleep include promoting new brain cell production, forming brain cell connections, and replenishing the supply of mood-busting chemicals.
How do herbs support sleep?
There are four main ways herbs and other ingredients help you fall asleep:

  1. GABA is the body’s natural “off” switch. St. John’s Wart, L-taurine, and L-theanine increase the production of GABA.
  2. Serotonin is the “feel good” neurochemical in your brain. L-tryptophan and 5-HTP are precursors to serotonin. P5P (Vitamin B6) helps convert 5-HTP to serotonin.
  3. Valerian root, chamomile, skullcap (American), passionflower, ashwagandha, hops flower, inositol, lemon balm, and goji berry can improve the quality of sleep by reducing fatigue.
  4. Melatonin helps break the cycle of insomnia and helps you fall asleep.
How much sleep do I need during my pregnancy?
The ideal sleep for a pregnant mama tends to be about 9 hours a night. Experts at the Alaska Sleep Education Center say to watch out for less than 6 hours a night and more than 10 hours.
Are there any nutrients that can help me get better sleep?
Yes, nutrients including vitamin D, folate, and vitamin B12 can help support better sleep. Remember, healthy nutrition, daily exercise, consistent bed and wake times, and limiting stress may help you sleep better.
What can I do to improve my sleep during pregnancy?
If you're having trouble getting at least 8 hours of sleep, try these tips:

  • Allot more than 8 hours of time in bed to allow for some disruptions
  • Nap during the day if you can
  • Exercise daily
  • Make sure you’re getting enough iron – anemia can contribute to restless leg syndrome
  • Avoid blue light from screens in the hour before bedtime
  • Try a body pillow to help you get comfortable
What are the benefits of P5P for sleep?
Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P-5-P) is the active form of Vitamin B6. P-5-P is needed to convert 5-HTP to serotonin, a calming neurotransmitter. You can find P-5-P in all of our multivitamins