Prenatal Vitamins

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start taking prenatal vitamins?
The earlier you start, the better. Ideally, you'll start taking prenatal vitamins before conception. In fact, it's generally a good idea for women of reproductive age to regularly take a prenatal vitamin.
How long do I take prenatal vitamins?
Prenatal vitamins are designed to support you and your baby's growing needs at every stage of pregnancy. Ideally, you start taking prenatal vitamins 3 - 6 months before you conceive and continue taking them for the whole nine months of your pregnancy.
What nutrients are important during preconception, conception, and pregnancy?
These 10 ingredients help support you and your growing baby's needs at every stage of pregnancy: folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, DHA, choline, vitamin D3, iron, zinc, vitamin A, and probiotics.
Why doesn't Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ have DHA in it?
Most prenatal vitamins that include DHA don't come from the best source. They use synthetic ethyl esters because they can be compressed. Plus, they also don't use optimal amounts.

To provide expectant moms with the right amount and type of DHA, we needed to make a separate, easy-to-swallow, soft-gel capsule. Our Mama Bird Prenatal DHA is made from superior triglyceride oil. It's real fish oil derived from Icelandic anchovies.

Our No Fish, No Fish Prenatal DHA is available for our vegan mamas and is made from pure algae oil. Neither can be compressed. Like our prenatal vitamins, our DHAs are pure, natural, and made from the highest quality ingredients available.

Either option would be a wonderful companion to your Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+. Adding it to your monthly subscription will save 10% and qualify you for free shipping.
What is the difference between Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ and Mama Bird AM/PM Prenatal Multi+?
Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ is our convenient once-daily caplet prenatal. Mama Bird AM/PM Prenatal Multi+ is two tablets per day that can be taken together or at different times to distribute nutrients for those customers who may be sensitive to absorption.

Also, Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ has 50mg of choline. Mama Bird AM/PM Prenatal Multi+ has 300mg of choline. Choline has positive effects on neurodevelopment. It plays an important role in attention and memory.
What changes can I expect in my body during my pregnancy?
As your baby is developing, your body will go through amazing transformations that work in harmony with the needs of your growing baby. You may see skin differences, experience backaches or lightheadedness, become constipated, and be more sleepy than usual. This is all part of the work your body is doing in this important life stage. Your body's adaptations are accommodating your growing baby's needs.
Why are probiotics recommended during this life stage?
Probiotics help to balance intestinal flora, promote better digestion and healthy regularity, and influence the brain through the Gut Microbiome System. There is also emerging research showing that probiotics taken during pregnancy and breast-feeding may confer immune benefits to the baby.

With the growing research showing a connection between healthy gut bacteria and a positive effect on stress, the immune system, hormones, energy levels, and digestive health, it's clear that maintaining positive gut health during pregnancy is important.
What is the difference between your prenatal and postnatal vitamins?
There are a few differences between the Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ and the Mama Bird Postnatal Multi+.

Since nausea and a slower digestive system are no longer an issue, the herbal blend in the prenatal has been replaced by an organic wellness blend. The wellness blend provides vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients that help support the demands of being a new mother.

Since mothers are no longer supporting the baby in the womb, their bodies no longer need the higher amounts of methylfolate needed for their baby's neuro-development. The amount of methylfolate has been decreased to 600 mcg, which is 100% of the daily value for women.
What is the difference between Mama Bird prenatal vitamins and Ready Bird fertility vitamins?
If you're thinking about, trying for, or expecting a baby, the Mama Bird Prenatal line is for you. Our neurologist-crafted caplets , liquid, and powder blends are loaded with organic ingredients, herbs, methylated vitamins, and minerals to help nourish and support your body's changing needs through each phase of your journey.

Formulated with Advanced Neuro-Nutrition – our complete line of supplements gives mama + baby all the brain-boosting nutrients and support needed for a healthy pregnancy.

If you are struggling to conceive and have been trying for 6 months or more, use the Ready Bird fertility line.

Because getting pregnant depends on both egg and sperm, our neurologist-crafted Ready Bird Fertility line contains essential nutrients for both women and men to help improve egg quality and sperm health while trying to conceive.

Each high-quality ingredient in our proprietary fertility formulas has been hand-picked and combined – in precise amount required – to support your natural reproductive cycle, bring hormonal balance, and optimize your chances of conceiving.
Is Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ vegan?
Yes, all of our Mama Bird Multi Vitamins are vegan.