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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take fertility vitamins?
Men and women trying to conceive or thinking about it, should take fertility vitamins and supplements. Women and men trying to conceive naturally and those undergoing fertility treatment can benefit. Fertility supplements have demonstrated positive effects in both circumstances.
When should I start thinking about what my body needs for fertility?
The time period before pregnancy is crucial. Fertility planning plays a necessary part in children's neurological development and so much more. Start thinking about your fertility goals today, even if you're not planning to conceive for a year or more. A healthy fertility diet and lifestyle not only will improve the likelihood of conception, but also lead to better health overall for you and the baby, during pregnancy and beyond.
Should I take fertility vitamins and supplements?
If you have been trying for a while and finding it challenging to conceive, we recommend supplementing with Ready Bird Women's Fertility to help promote vibrant health as you pursue your fertility goals.

For him we suggest Ready Bird Men's Fertility whether preparing, just starting, or experiencing fertility challenges. It's specifically formulated to give men a complete blend of herbs, antioxidants, as well as a methylated multivitamin to support your fertility journey.
Why do Best Nest Wellness fertility formulas contain herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals?
Our 3-in-1 combination works to cover the range of needs that meet your physiological needs as you try to reach your fertility and pregnancy goals. Herbal ingredients such as ashwagandha, ginkgo, tribulus, vitex, and maca help promote vibrant health as you pursue your fertility goals. Methylated vitamins and chelated minerals support your body, so it has plenty of nutrients you and your baby need for healthy conception and development. The Best Nest Wellness antioxidant blend supports your body's natural defenses, contributing to overall health and well-being to help your body function.
What are the benefits of methylated vitamins?
Proper methylation compensates for the DNA variations you were born with. It is one of the tools you have to change your genetic destiny. Optimal methylation can lead to: healthy neuro-development, impressive memory, happy mood, sharp focus, restful sleep, boundless energy, and boosted immunity.
What are omega-3 ethyl esters (EE) and triglycerides (TG)? What is the esterification process?
Triglycerides (TG) are composed of 3 fatty acids bound to a glycerol backbone. Unrefined fish oil contains TGs with varying amounts of EPA and DHA as the fatty acids attached to glycerol. One limitation of unrefined fish oil is that its low concentration of omega-3 can make it impractical to obtain higher doses. Both the ethyl esters (EE) and commercially available TG forms undergo processing and purification by various methods.

Eythlation can increase the concentration of omega-3 in fish oil. During this process, the glycerol backbone of triglycerides is removed from EPA and DHA, and some of the shorter chain fatty acids are also taken out. The DHA and EPA free fatty acids are then esterified to form ethyl esters.

Another way to increase omega-3 content is first to use ethylation to concentrate DHA and EPA. The resulting ethyl esters are then broken down, and the free fatty acids are re-converted to triglyceride. It should be noted that both the EE and TG forms are classified as esters. In EE, the fatty acids are esterified to an ethanol backbone, while in TG the fatty acids are esterified to a glycerol alcohol backbone.