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Daily Bird Kids Multi+ Tropical

Our premium liquid multivitamin is designed to nourish your growing child at every lifestage.

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  • Vegan + Non GMO

    Vegan +
    Non GMO

  • Major Allergen +Gluten Free

    Major Allergen +
    Gluten Free

  • No ArtificialColors + Flavors

    No Artificial
    Colors + Flavors

Science-backed nutrition for your child’s growing mind

  • Our premium multivitamin is made with only vegan organic superfoods, live enzymes, prebiotics, and cutting-edge methylated vitamins and minerals to support brain health.
  • Supports healthy immunity with zinc, vitamin D3 from lichen, methylated vitamins, and vitamin C.
  • Natural Pineapple-Coconut flavor extract, sweetened with stevia and less fructose than the amount found in a single grape. No sugar alcohols. Kids love the taste!
  • Convenient once-daily formula that kids ask for; can also be mixed easily in liquids
  • Created with love, it’s designed with vegan, high-quality, natural ingredients
  • Allergen and sugar-alcohol free
At Best Nest,
Our brain-focused vitamins
help growing families soar.
  • We're the #1 brain-focused brand for pregnancy, postnatal, parents & kids for millions of families.
  • Our formulas are crafted by America's Dr. Brain Mom for whole-brain wellness.
  • When you purchase from us, you partner with a team committed to providing nutrition to families in need.

We're on a mission to help families reach their best brain health and full potential in all lifestages.
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“Many Best Nest moms reached out and asked for a methylated kid’s multi for their growing children. Existing kid’s vitamins didn’t have methylated vitamins. We were going to be the first!

Chewables were chalky. Many gummies needed too much sugar. And other liquids had a taste that left something to be desired. We found this out firsthand as our children were our official taste-testers.

For our first kid’s multi, we decided to go with an easy-to-take liquid. The flavor profile took over two years to perfect because it had to be delicious. It was tough! B vitamins have a strong flavor and our kid’s multi has lots of those. It ended up being, what I think is, the best tasting liquid vitamin on the planet.

We also decided to leave iron out. Many parents need extra, precise iron they can confidently measure out for their kids (which is why we have Hello Vitality Liquid Iron).

Packed with trace minerals, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes, our Best Nest Multi+ for Kids is a super awesome formula.”

-Madhavi Gupta, MD

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