Many individuals don't realize that doulas, who are trained in fertility, can support preconception and your ability to achieve a successful pregnancy. 

Some doulas specialize only in the preconception aspect of pregnancy, while others focus on labor and delivery or the entire duration of pregnancy and postpartum (see more on doulas and the pregnancy experience). In some cases, you can find a one-stop shop doula, who will take you from preconception to postpartum, but you may want a different doula for each stage of the journey. 

Why hire a fertility health doula for preconception?

Doulas can help you understand your menstrual cycle and ovulation. We are really talking about how to assist with preparing the body for labor and making sure that when that egg is fertilized it has a wonderful healthy place to grow. Doulas will also discuss fertility with partners because it's not always just the birthing person that has the issue.

Doulas are also trained to play a role in the journey of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). They have the training to support the highly emotional process, which may require multiple tires, and assist in administering some of the medications that are usually used for fertility assistance.

How a doula can help with your fertility journey

Regardless of how you conceive, naturally or with medical help, your health and that of your partner are critical to a successful conception and viable pregnancy. This means both partners must manage stress, eat healthily, focus on prenatal nutrition and the gut microbiome with dietary supplements, exercise, and develop a strong support system. A doula can help guide you and your partner through this exciting and emotional process.

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